Tally Value Pack
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Prefer to stay abreast of the latest product offerings on Tally software? The Tally Value Pack helps you do just that.

Thanks to continuously evolving tax laws, statutory compliance requirements and rapid business environment changes, Tally users have often felt the need to have a simple way of ensuring access to the latest upgrades, updates and new product releases.

The Tally Value Pack is an annual product upgrade assurance offering that helps keep your Tally updated to the current version. And for all users who avail of this value added service, Tally has a bonus reward. For just a minimal yearly investment, you can ensure that all major releases of Tally software are made available to you - for almost no additional cost at all.

By subscribing to the Tally Value Pack , you can:

1. Upgrade to a New Version of Tally software (e.g. : from Tally Silver 7.2 to Tally Silver 9)

2. Update your license to a New Major Release of Tally available online (e.g.: from Tally Silver 9 Rel 1.0 to Tally Silver 9 Rel 2.0)

3. Get huge discounts – Up to 50% discount on purchase of Add-On modules (like Payroll)

And all this will be available to you as part of the Tally Value Pack, at no additional cost.

All About The Pack

What is a New Version?

A New Version is a whole new design of an existing product line. Its development could have been inspired by:

- Changes in Technology

- Changes in concept of the product and/or

- The addition of a large number of new and important features (e.g. Tally 6.3, Tally 7.2, Tally 9 and so on)

What is a New Major Release?

It is usually the next release for a particular product line which could contain several new major and minor features (e.g. Tally 7.2 Rel 1.0, 2.0, Rel 3.0), besides enhancement of existing features.

What is an Add-On?

An Add-On is typically a special kind of feature / functionality that works in conjunction with Tally software and can be turned ON or OFF depending on customer requirements, e.g. Payroll. These Add-Ons are priced differently depending on the utility and benefit delivered to the users.



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