We are in essence a service industry. Our business is people oriented. Our success and growth are dependent on factors such as the skills, intelligence, quality, creativity and dedication of our people and above all our resolute commitment to excellence. Our business philosophy is to determine the needs, wants and interest of customers and deliver the desired results effectively and efficiently in way that maintains and improves the customers business.

                       Alive Solutions has established a strong presence in the Indian software industry and has a highly developed business strategy patented with the sole intention of customer satisfaction, gives it the confidence to commit and implement. Incorporating the latest as well as proven methods of training, we pass the benefits to our customers and new team members. A capable and experienced team works in tandem and produce result which double's every financial year and the current target is to triple.

                      The driving forces behind Alive Solution's success and exponential growth are its employees. We always recruit competent personnel who have an instinctive understanding of the customer's needs. The word "empowered" is not a mere cliché. The employees are trained to take prompt decisions to satisfy the customers needs. With a pronounced focus on service, more ersons are positioned in the customer service department. The team is organized to provide quick and expert services and are continuously enriched with technical aspects. There is an emphatic accent on service and it flows through the entire organization. The savvy sales personnel don’t just want to be liked, but also want to add value.

The point is when a customer talks we listen. Of, course we are not saying that we are perfect, but what we are saying is that we will never be 100% satisfied, until you are, too.
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